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Tsarina is a musical based on the true story of Nicholas and Alexandra, the last of the Romanov Russian Monarchs. The mid-nineteenth century was a time when political treachery, greed, and superstition abounded in Europe and Russia, and religious beliefs and traditions were challenged. The couple’s devotion transcended incredible odds, and their love story remains one of the greatest romances of all times!

TSARINA can be performed with as few as 17 actors-with doubles or up to 50 or 60 for a large troupe.

Tsarina Nick Alix

Nicholas & Alexandra

Pinning Nick Tsarina

Tsar Gregory & Nicholas

Wedding Dance Tsarina

Wedding Dance-Act I

Tsarina Cast

World Premiere Cast

More More More Tsarina

More! More! More!

Oksana & Helene

Edward dead Tsarina

Tatiana, Edward & Oksana

Abbot Tsarina



Tsarina Score

Piano/Vocal & Vocal Score Available

Tsarina Act 1 Music

Musical Numbers Act I

Tsarina Act 2 Music

Musical Numbers Act II

Alexandra Doll is a special offer for large organizations performing TSARINA. You can apply to recieve this limited edition porcelain antique reproduction doll to auction off to your group as a special fundraiser.

Tsarina Doll 1
Tsarina Doll 2
Tsarina Doll 3
Tsarina Doll 4

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