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Tsarina the Musical

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Tsarina is a musical based on the true story of Nicholas and Alexandra, the last of the Romanov Russian Monarchs. The mid-nineteenth century was a time when political treachery, greed, and superstition abounded in Europe and Russia, and religious beliefs and traditions were challenged. The couple’s devotion transcended incredible odds, and their love story remains one of the greatest romances of all times!

TSARINA can be performed with as few as 17 actors-with doubles or up to 50 or 60 for a large troupe.

Tsarina Nick Alix
Tsarina Cast
Wedding Dance Tsarina
Pinning Nick Tsarina
More More More Tsarina
Edward dead Tsarina
Abbot Tsarina
Chaperone Helene Tsarina
Holy Man Tsarina
Konstantyn Tsarina
Tsarina Album

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