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Tsarina the Musical

Synopsis & Songs

The story of the last Russian Monarch sets the stage for this magnificant epic musical. The love of Nicholas and Alexandra endures in the face of political intrigue, jealousy, greed and revolution.

TSARINA is a musical based on the true story of Nicholas and Alexandra, the last of the Romanov Russian Monarchs. The mid-nineenth century was a time when political treachery, greed and supersition abounded in Europe and Russia, and religious beliefs and traditions were challenged. The couple's devotion transcended incredible odds, and their love story remains one of the greatest romances of all times!


ALEXANDRA: Strong-willed, beautiful German Princess who loves and marries the future Tsar.

NICHOLAS: Last heir in the Russian Romanov Dynasty. Overcomes his self-doubt, becomes Tsar, and marries for love.

GRIGORI: A self-proclaimed "holy man." Sorcerer of questionable intent.

HELENE: A French princess, rejected fiancé of Nicholas.

QUEEN VICTORIA: Ruler of the Free World. Grandmother of Alexandra.

TSAR GREGORY: Father of Nicholas. Large man who was afraid to go outside the palace.

Score and Book available for purusal. Cast of 17 with doubles. Easily enlarged to 50 or more for larger ensembles

ACT I SONGS (click on song titles for short MP3 demos)

HOW DID WE GET HERE? Opening song that bookends the show, starting and ending in the cellar, where the Ro​manovs met their fate. (Nick/Alix) 

MY SOUL IS EXALTED Queen Victoria's theme as she passes her words of wisdom on to Alexandra (Queen Victoria/Alix) 

OPERA DANCE Tsar Gregory and Nick attend the opera house where the company dances and sings. Negotiations are made with Princess Helene to be the future Tsarina. (Instrumental/Company)

IMPOSSIBLE Grigori is thrown out of the monastary by the Abbot. (Grigori/Abbot)

I WISH FOR YOU AND I Nick and Alix have now been writing each other almost every day, Nick in Russia and Alix in Germany sing this duet, though miles apart. (Nick/Alix)

HOLY MAN Grigori claims he is a "Holy man" as he begins making his way to the Romanov palace. (Grigori, Women's Chorus)

IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE Tsar Gregory challenges his son Nick to stand up and be ready to rule the world as the future Tsar. (Tsar Gregory)

RICHER THAN I Princess Helene, Alexandra and Grigori are all now making their way to the Romanov palace with different agendas, both Helend and Alix to be the future Tsarina and Grigori to influence the Royal family. (Helene/Alix/Grigori)

JILTED Helene learns Nick has called off their engagement to marry Princess Alexandra. (Helene)

FATHER The death of Tsar Gregory makes Nicholas the Tsar and ruler. (Nick/Konstantyn)

MORE! MORE! MORE! GOD SAVE THE TSAR The people are calling out to see their new Tsar, Nicholas. (Company)

UNDYING LOVE Alexandra arrives at the palace and Nick and Alix declare their Undying Love for one another. (Nick/Alix)

FATHER/KONSTANTYN Konstantyn, who was Tsar Gregory's advisor and now Nick's advisor, is not happy with Alix's influence on Nick. (Konstantyn)

WEDDING DANCE Takes place at Nick and Alix's wedding. The whole wedding party breaks out in a dance, but events outside the palace are not as festive as people outside the gates are shot. (Instrumental)

DAUGHTER'S PRAYER During this song, Alix prays for a son and has four daughters. The nanny, Oksana, has a son named Edward who would grow up to love Tatiana, daughter number two of Alix. (Alix/Oksana)

HOLY MAN RECITATIVE Alix again prays for a son and Grigori enters to answer her request and prophesies that she will have a son. (Alix/Grigori)

MY SON MUST NOT DIE Alix finds their son has the curse of hemophilia. Grigori claims that as long as he is alive and around, their son will not die. (Alix/Nick/Grigori/Doctor/Oksana)

When Act 1 concludes, Russia is at war. NICHOLAS and ALEXANDRA rejoice in the blessed birth of a son, yet the child is a bittersweet gift. The boy is afflicted with the blood disease carred through the Romanov's royal line, hemophilia.

ACT II SONGS (click on song titles for short MP3 demos)

MORE! MORE! MORE! Uprising of the townspeople with Nick shouting to just "wait" and follow his lead. (Company/Nick/Konstantyn/Viktor/Edward)

THE INTERNATIONALE Turning point of townspeople to Bolshevism (Company)

FATHER/QUEEN VICTORIA Queen Victoria dies and Alix laments that now she is truly alone (Alix)

UNDYING LOVE Reprise (Nick/Alix)

MY SOUL IS EXALTED Reprise. Queen Victoria appears as a ghost and encouarages Alix to be wqith the people. (Queen Victoria)

WAR SONG Call to enlist troops for the war (Company/Viktor/Edward)

NEVER SAY GOODBYE Edward and Tatiana are in love and Edward is determined to help the people, who end up as the Bolsheviks. Tatiana is afraid they will never see each other again. (Edward/Tatiana)


JILTED Reprise Helene responds to the request for France to help the Romanovs by declaring the tables have turned! (Helene)

HOW DID WE GET HERE? The first family ends up in the basement to meet their fate. (Nick/Alix)

EVERYWHERE Queen Victoria greets the first family into Heaven's gates and they all reunite. (Company)

Score and Book available for purusal. Cast of 17 with doubles. Easily enlarged to 50 or more for larger ensembles

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